Changelog v.10

v.10.13.1 (Aug 30, 2022)

New Feature:
A "gap" element was added to the text editor to give more control over spacing between paragraphs of text. 

1. "Search" widget now has four separate border-radius settings instead of one.
2. "Up" button positioning and spacings are now responsive. 
3. General accessibility improvements.

Bug Fixes:
1. "Mini Cart" custom empty link URL does not work.
2. "Posts Grid" images fade-out on scroll with certain settings combinations.
3. "Search". Icon shape and background displays incorrectly if it is outside the search field. 
4. "Search". Placeholder text looks different in the editor and the front-end.
5. "Mini Cart". Spacing changes when the quantity field is being disabled. 

Other minor improvements and changes.


v.10.13.0 (Aug 23, 2022)

New demo: 
The7 Restaurant -
This one is tasty ;)

1. Demo content. Attachments import auto-retry feature added.
2. Site logo can now be imported during the "import by URL" process.
3. Image Box and Image Box Grid widgets. The placeholder image was removed as it led to layout misrepresentation. 
4. Menu Cart Widget. Color settings for the "floating" state were added.

Bug fixes: 
1. Contact Form. The date/time select field is misaligned.
2. Posts Masonry & Grid. Not clickable posts are clickable on mobile devices.
3. Tabs. Incorrect icon padding with certain responsiveness settings.
4. Up button. Border and background animation is not synchronous. 


v.10.12.0 (Aug 5, 2022)

New Features:
1. The7 Mini Cart widget.
2. The7 Search widget.

1. Icons now will import during the single page import process.
2. fr_FR language file updated. 
3. Minor decorations styling improvements for the The7 Horizontal Menu widget. 
4. Image Box Grid widget is now translatable.

Bugs Fixes: 
1. Custom Scrollbar sometimes appears when it shouldn't.
2. The7 Add to Cart widget doesn't respect the custom order of attributes.
3. Registration form in WooCommerce is not translatable. 
4. FireFox. Theme Options > Branding. Settings are not being saved when using arrows in quantity fields.

Other minor improvements and under-the-hood changes. 


v.10.11.0 (July 8, 2022)

New Demo:
Elementor Company -

New Features:
1. Image Box widget.
2. Grid Image Box widget.

1. Import of Single Posts with Elementor templates.
2. Post Grid widget can now display custom fields of custom post types. 

Bug Fixes:
1. Layout issues in Filter by Price widget.
2. "Fashion Store" demo content cannot be removed.


v.10.10.0 (Jun 17, 2022)

New Features:
1. "Tabs & Accordion" widget.
2. "Menu Cart" widget.

Horizontal Menu. The toggle icon is now responsive.

Changes under the hood:
1. Pre-made websites data is not being imported/exported in JSON instead of being base64-encoded.
2. All REQUIRED notices in the Envato Theme Check plugin are being fixed.

Bug fixes: 
1. Mobile menu doesn't close with specific settings combinations.
2. Close button doesn't work for the Contact Form 7 popup message.


v.10.9.1 (Jun 2, 2022)

Bundled plugins update via WP CLI.

Bug Fixes:
1. Issues with various WooCommerce addons due to "display: flex;" in cart. 
2. Posts hover icon issue when blurred bottom overlay layout is selected.
3. Custom Menu widget options are not being saved correctly. 
4. Purchase Summary widget does not update the field names.


v.10.9.0 (May 26, 2022)

New demo:
Accounting Firm -

New features:
1. "The7 > Post Type Builder" feature was added to The7 Elements plugin. It allows easy creation and editing of Custom Post Types and their integration with the theme. It is also compatible with the ACF plugin for easy custom fields creation. 
2. Elementor Theme Style > General Appearance, "Scroll to Top Button" settings section was added. 

1. Ensured compatibility with WordPress 6.0 and WooCommerce 6.5.
2. Categories in filter bars are now being ordered by slugs.

Bug Fixes:
1. Widget appearance issues on mobile devices when a Toggle widget is inserted into Tabs.
2. Date/time form fields have no placeholders on mobile devices.


v.10.8.0 (May 20, 2022)

New Features:
1. "The7 Add to Cart" widget.
2. (Beta feature) Sticky effects for Elementor Containers. 

1. (Beta feature) We have fixed Elementor's migration from rows/columns to containers. Now it actually works :)

Bug Fixes:
1. Hotel plugin. Accommodation thumbnails don't open.
2. Variation drop-down is vertically shifted in FF.
3. Sorting widget. Placeholder line-height issue.
4. "Open link in new tab/window" does not work for posts with an "Overlay background" layout.
5. String translation doesn't work for "portfolio-breadcrumbs-text".
6. Touch events not working correctly in submenus of The7 Horizontal Menu widget with specific settings combinations.


v.10.7.1 (May 4, 2022)

Bugs fixed: 
1. Issues with cart and checkout forms appearance.
2. Issues with buttons appearance after v.10.7.1 update.
3. "Overscroll" when using anchor navigation on mobile devices.   


v.10.7.0 (Apr 20, 2022)

New Feature:
Theme Style > Contact Forms settings added in Elementor.

1. "Roboto Serif" font added to the fonts list.
2. Standard filters added the "Add to cart" button.
3. Option for arrows positioning relative to widget box or images was added to carousel widgets.
4. "Missing modules" info added to The7 System Status.

Bugs Fixed:
1. Product info tabs widget. Button in comments height adjusted.
2. Photo Albums post type sometimes causes PHP errors in the edit screen.
3. Spare space removed in product filters in popups. 
4. Missing animation added to the WooCommerce Categories List widget. 
5. Old "register_control" replaced in query-control/class-the7-query-control-module.php.
6. Posts carousel & masonry/grid. The "Open in new tab/window" option is not always available. 


v.10.6.0 (Mar 29, 2022)

New Feature:
Product Categories List widget.

1. Minor changes to comments styling.
2. Active submenu branch is now opened in the mobile view of the Horizontal Menu widget.
3. Opening a submenu will collapse other submenus in the mobile view of the Horizontal Menu widget.
4. Paragraph Spacing setting now influences lists, quotes, etc.
5. Large mega menus are now properly scrollable.

Bugs Fixed:
1. "theme-color" tag doesn't pick up The7 Accent color.
2. The mobile menu is not scrollable in the Horizontal Menu widget.


v.10.5.0 (Mar 16, 2022)

No apparent "new" features were added. 
But this update lays the groundwork for further improvements.

Updates to demos:
All Elementor demos were updated and improved with the new Theme Builder, Theme Styles, widgets, etc.

1. UA translation file added (work in progress).
2. Box Shadow settings added for carousel widgets. 
3. Visual improvements to Horizontal Menu widget responsive transitions.
4. Masonry & Grid widgets. Responsive spacing settings between rows/columns were added. 
5. Bullets settings in carousel widgets were reworked.
6. Paragraph spacings setting (in Theme Styles) behavior was improved. 

Bugs Fixed: 
1. Non-translatable strings in the admin area.
2. Mobile view of Horizontal Menu is visible when it should not be. 

Other minor improvements and under-the-hood changes. 


v.10.4.3 (Feb 19, 2022)

1. URLs autocorrect when importing a pre-made website. 
2. The7 will prompt to disable Elementor "experimental features" that can break websites. 
3. "Spacing" settings are now responsive in "Simple Grid" and "Simple Carousel" widgets.
4. General pre-made websites import process improvements. 

Bugs Fixed:
1. WP 5.9 breaks labels on the Checkout page.
2. Issues with Vertical Menu visibility.
3. Mega-menu appearance settings are not visible in preview when DOM optimization feature is disabled.
4. Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'WC_Tax' not found..


v.10.4.2 (Feb 14, 2022)

Bugs Fixed:
1. Sticky sections do not work correctly when the "Improved Asset Loading" Elementor feature is enabled.
2. Fatal Error when creating a header when mega-menu is enabled.
3. Issues with buttons in WooCommerce user account.
4. Irrelevant entries in a category filter in Archive mode.


v.10.4.1 (Feb 12, 2022)

1. Elementor Settings import during a pre-made website installation. 
2. Default number of posts in carousel-style widgets changed from "all" to "12". This will not affect existing websites. 
3. The7 + newest version of FVM integration.

Bugs fixed: 
1. Issues with input fields on the WooCommerce checkout page on mobile devices. 


v.10.4.0 (Feb 10, 2022)

New Features:
Mega Menu Builder. Now you can create a mega menu as you do with any other Elementor template!

Main Elementor Demo was completely overhauled. 
Note that the older version is still available at

1. "Target Width" option added to Auto-Width setting of columns. 
2. "Settings" block in The7 > My The7 visual overhaul.
3. "The7 Posts Masonry & Grid" widget. The filter is now responsive.
4. "The7 Breadcrumbs" widget complete overhaul. 
5. "Recently Viewed" mode added to "The7 Products" and "The7 Products Carousel" widgets.

Bugs Fixed: 
1. "The7 Button" widget. URL is not available for WPML translation.
2. Elementor editor. "Posts Masonry & Grid" widget. Hover icon visibility works incorrectly.
3. "Posts Masonry & Grid" widget. "Number Of Posts On One Page" doesn't work.
4. Elementor Popup. Images with Lazy Loading remain transparent.


v.10.3.0 (Jan 12, 2022)

1. Option to enable/disable "Deprecated Elementor Widgets" added to The7 dashboard (The7 > My The7, Settings).
2. Option to enable/disable "Unused Mega-menu Settings" added to The7 dashboard.
3. Breadcrumbs Text setting is added to The7 dashboard.
4. Min Height setting added to the Prоduct Sorting widget.
5. Custom Fonts for Price styling in Products and Products Carousel widgets.
6. Styling for Sale and Zoom labels in the Product Images widgets.
7. Button Size setting added in the Product Review widget.
8. "Nothing found" message now displays only for the "Current Query" source in the posts-feed-based widgets.

Bugs Fixed:
1. Issue with SVG icon size on hover in the Simple Posts and Carousel widget.
2. Problem with image width (in px) in Simple Posts widget.
3. Simple Product Categories Carousel. Item border is cut.
4. Issue with animation speed when using Load More pagination mode.
5. Changing category title font-size attribute in Simple Product Categories widget not working correctly.
6. Recently Viewed source does not track current products.
7. Issue with the height of The7 Icon widget when using Inline positioning on mobile devices.
8. Shifted number of products in the Menu Cart widget.
9. 'isInner not defined' notice in templates in Elementor editor.


v.10.2.1 (Dec 29, 2021)

Bugs Fixed:
1. Horizontal Menu widget. Box paddings are not working in the 3rd level.
2. Copy of Horizontal Menu is visible in Sticky Section, behind the original Horizontal Menu.
3. Sticky Section does not work in the popups. 
4. Margins and paddings settings are not working (due to JavaScript error).
5. Responsiveness settings of the Sticky option influencing other style changes incorrectly. 
6. Fancy Title + Background (legacy feature) doesn't use selected font size.


v.10.2.0 (Dec 24, 2021)

New Features:
The7 Taxonomy Filter Widget.

Updates to demos:

1. General improvements in The7 Horizontal Menu widget (most notable on mobile devices). 
2. Logo and favicon are now being imported during the pre-made website installation. 
3. Opacity setting when the widget is being used in a sticky section added to Image widget. 
4. Improved WPML compatibility for The7 Elements.
5. Google Fonts list updated. 
6. "Empty result" notification added to all The7 Elements that output post types. 
7. "Posts Per Page" setting now works in search results. 
8. Default buttons font added to Theme Style settings.
9. Hooks added to "The7 Products" widget.
10. Option to hide/show section when parent section is sticky was added to the Inner Section widget.
11. Dummy content added to filter-type widgets (for ease of editing in the back-end).
12. Search Elementor widget now works correctly when being used in headers. 
13. "Overlap" option added to The7 Sticky Section.

Bugs Fixed:
1. The sticky section is not working when the "Improved Asset Loading" feature is enabled in Elementor. 
2. Issue when clicking/tapping on the submenu indicator in the Vertical Menu widget while the "parent menu item clickable" option is enabled.
3. Issue with toggle animation in Filter widget.
4. "Improved Assets Loading" feature is breaking The7 accordion. 
5. Minor appearance issues Product Reviews widget. 
6. PHP Warnings in Filter widget. 
7. Category Filter (Posts Masonry & Grid) was given a bigger z-index.

Other minor improvements and under-the-hood changes.


v.10.1.0 (Dec 3, 2021)

New features:
1. "The7 Sticky Row" settings block in the Advanced settings tab of the Row widget. It allows the creation of advanced headers in Elementor Theme Builder without custom CSS code!
2. "The7 Icon" widget. This widget allows a much greater level of control over the icon appearance than its Elementor counterpart.
3. "The7 Horizontal Menu" multifeatured widget. 

Updates to Demos:
These demos were converted to The7 Theme Styles. They also feature the use of new The7 Sticky Row settings, The7 Horizontal Menu widget, and other improvements. 

1. Products Carousel widget. Posts per page setting added.
2. Reduced the occurrence of "PHP max_execution_time errors" while importing the demo content shared hostings.
3. Fade animation when closing submenu list added to The7 Mertical Menu widget.
4. "Image" Elementor widget enhanced with options to change its size when used in a sticky row.
5. Improved styling for the "Search Form" Elementor widget.
6. Ability to exclude the current posts from the posts feed was added to The7 posts widgets.
7. Option to add a custom cart icon was added to The7 Products and The7 Products Carousel widgets. 

Bugs Fixes:
1. Product Sorting widget. Icon alignment setting causes CSS classes conflict.
2. The7 Product Review widget displays the name and email fields for the logged-in users.
3. Simple Posts. Pagination keeps showing posts from the first page.
4. Simple Posts. If "Source" is set to "Related Posts", the "Total Number Of Posts" setting doesn't work.
5. Some color settings cannot be cleared in previously added widgets.
6. Problem with buttons height in Elementor "Slides" widget.
7. Posts Masonry &Grid. Pagination does not work in Archive templates.
8. Brocken "above the line" layout for price filter.
9. Typography responsive settings (WPB) do not work.

Other minor improvements and under-the-hood changes.


v.10.0.0 (Nov 3, 2021)

New Features:
1. New "Product Counter" widget.
2. New "Price Filter" widget.
3. We have switched from using the LESS variables (and phpless library) to the CSS variable. It's a massive chunk of groundwork that, in the future, will enable live editing of Theme Options via Elementor Site Settings.
4. An experimental option to disable Theme Options and enable the Elementor Theme Style was added to The7 > My The7, "Settings" screen.

1. New "Business Advisors" demo showcasing the use of Elementor Theme Style. Note that this is an experimental demo that relies on bits of custom CSS code to build the header (this is how custom headers are presently being built with Elementor). 
2. "Consulting" demo was converted to using Elementor Theme Style.

1. Simple Grid and Icon Box Grig widget: spacing between columns and rows is not responsive. 
2. Vertical Menu widget: 
2.1. Optional title and spacing settings added.
2.2. When copying widget styles, the menu itself is not being copied. 
3. Numerous improvements to "Simple _" widgets.
4. The7 Products widgets now have a dedicated "number of products" setting (instead of setting this number in the WordPress customizer).

Bug fixes:
1. Elementor "Search" widget. Unnecessary bottom margin.
2. Warning: Undefined array key "description" when saving a shortcode as an Element in WPBakery.
3. "Products" widget. The product title is not clickable.
4. Remove references to SVG files in FontAwesome all.min.css
5. "Order by Rating" is broken in the "Simple Products" widget.
6. Broken inline and lazy loading options in the "Image" widget in the new version of Elementor.
7. Icon Box Grid. Widget title Style settings are missing.
8. .SVG icons are not changing colors on hover in buttons, Multipurpose Posts Carousel, and Grid widgets. 
9. Clicking on pagination makes a page scroll to the top.
10. Applying a link to the whole box breaks the layout of "Simple _" widgets.
11. "Number of Posts" setting works incorrectly on "desktop" and "wide desktop" in "Testimonials Carousel" and "Multipurpose Carousel" widgets.

Other minor improvements, bug fixes, and under-the-hood changes.

The changelog for v.9 can be found here.